Andrea Mantello

Andrea Mantello is a Turin-born and -trained architect. After an 8-year long collaboration with Arte Povera artists in his home town, he has worked for several international firms in Europe, from Helsinki to Brussels, via Berlin.
As an independent architect Andrea Mantello has designed projects at various architectural scales and has become increasingly involved in object design and exhibition installations. More specifically, the design of chairs and lamps, some of which have been awarded and are currently in production, has become a major focus.
His passion for the interplay between art, architecture, design and the sculptural properties of light has led him to specialize in lighting design.

Languages: French, English and Italian.

Annelies De Nijs

architect & urban designer, BE

After her studies in architecture, Annelies continued her education in the field of urbanism and human settlements while participating in a wide range of research and design projects at the University of Leuven. Although many of her projects had an international focus (mostly Vietnam), she continued to be involved as a designer and researcher in Belgium, upholding her keen interest in the country’s architectural and urban development. She is currently working for Agence Ter in the field of urban and landscape design.

Languages: Dutch, English, French

Angelica Palumbo

Angelica Palumbo studied architecture and urban planning in Rome at Valle Giulia – University of la Sapienza before completing her education in Bruxelles. She recently graduated with highest distinction at La Cambre-Horta, where she was assistant professor in 2012-2013. Fascinated by the relationship between architecture and art, she is exploring the engraving tools as a student at the “Ecole d’Arts d’Ixelles –BXL”; while her architectural investigation focused on the analysis of the contemporary urban phenomena through their expression on public space, is currently being developed through personal projects and competitions.

Languages: French, English and Italian.